Awesome Freshness Kit
Awesome Freshness Kit
Awesome Freshness Kit
Awesome Freshness Kit
Awesome Freshness Kit
Awesome Freshness Kit

Awesome Freshness Kit

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Amazing Freshness. Amazing Taste. Natural Ingredients. Fluoride Free & Alcohol Free formula, made with extracts for a refreshing experience!


  • 1 x 100gm Cucumber Mint Toothpaste
  • 1 x 100gm Ginger Mint Toothpaste
  • 1 x 250ml Peach Mint Mouthwash

Made with N-Ha
Remineralises Teeth

Made with Fitkari (Alum)
Modernizing the Age old Science

Freshens Breath
So that you are ALWAYS ready

Strengthens Gums
Hey, that's important too!

Prevents Cavities
Your teeth will Thank You :)

Plastic & Carbon Neutral
We care for the planet too

No Sulphates
Detergents have it; should we?

100% Vegan
Made Safe & Cruelty Free



















Safe. Ethical. Effective.

Deep research has gone into making the perfect products just for you! Freshness like never-before & taste that will make you go WOW! We Promise.

  • N-Ha is a non-toxic version of Hydroxyapatite that has been proven to strengthen & restore our teeth.

    Constitutes about 97% of our teeth enamel
    Reaches the innermost crevices of the dental cavity
    Helps in remineralisation & teeth strengthening
    Read the study 🡢
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
    Prevents cavities, reduces plaque & gingivitis

    Why use Fluoride, when you can upgrade to N-Ha? Restores enamel & strengthens teeth.

    Read more 🡢

    Fitkari (Alum) Extracts
    Strengthens gums, prevents cavities, plaque & inflammation.

    Himalayan Pink Salt
    Strenghtens teeth, prevents bad breath & toothache.

    Cucumber Fruit Extract
    An icy cool taste, long lasting freshness & perfect oral health!

    Ginger & Thyme
    Prevents gingivitis, infections & tooth decay.

    Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
    Anti-fungal properties prevents inflammation & gum diseases.

    Peach Fruit Extracts
    Source of calcium, iron, potassium & VitC for perfect oral health.

    Tea Tree Oil
    Heals bleeding gums, toothache & infections.

    Lavender & Chamomile Extracts
    Prevents cavities, infections & toothache.

  • check Clean ingredients - No toxins
    check Plant based extracts
    check Naturally fresh flavours
    check Vegan friendly
    check Made Safe Certified
  • check Fluoride
    check Alcohol
    check Cruel animal testing
    check SLS (Artificial foaming agents)
    check Parabens or any other toxins

Brush. Rinse. Experience. Smile.

  1. Brush gently with a small amount of toothpaste
  2. Rinse 10ml (1/4th cap) to rinse away stuff brushing might miss!
  3. Experience Lasting Freshness & Awesome Taste
  4. Smile with Confidence & show-off those pearly whites!

Better with Spicta

It's time to prioritise your Oral Health with better, cleaner & sustianable alternatives.

check Clean Ingredients: With plant-based extracts, backed by research
check Sustianable Oral Care: The 1st Plastic Neutral & Carbon Neutral Oral Care Brand in India
check Better Alternatives: Oral care is no more a boring routine! Let's make it an experience to look forward to.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Very good

Easy, efficient, tasty. I like it

Naturally minty clean feeling

I tend to gravitate towards more natural products these days, especially as it seems like everything is so full of chemicals. That’s why I was so thrilled to try out Spicta Awesome Freshness Kit. With all natural ingredients this toothpaste made my mouth feel noticeably cleaner every time I used it. My teeth felt smooth after brushing and it also had a nice flavor that wasn’t super overpowering or artificial. I felt like my breath stayed fresh throughout the day and my teeth looked clean all day. All in all I would definitely keep using this! I liked both the flavours - Cucumber Mint & Ginger Mint. Can't pick one favourite, so I use them both alternately :) And loved ending my brushing routine with a dash of Peach Mint. Felt clean & complete :)

Himali Mehta
This is great!

I love it. I have sensitive teeth & gums, & this toothpaste takes care of that perfectly. I am so happy I found a non toxic toothpaste that can do that for me. The mouthwash is like cherry on the cake ;)


Great natural toothpaste & mouthwash

Mrugank M.

Great toothpaste & mouthwash