We realised oral care needs to be an enriching experience

Let’s be honest, brushing is a boring routine. Because you don’t enjoy it, you don’t put your best tooth forward! But your teeth deserve the same care, just like your skin. For that, you need the right set of products that work for your mouth, and not against it!

We are here to take care of your teeth & smile!

Are you really taking care of your teeth? Are the products that you have been using since years taking care of your mouth? Do they really ‘kill germs’, ‘fight cavities’, or ‘whiten teeth’ as they claim? And if they do - At what expense?

We are here to enhance your oral care experience

Spicta offers a range of innovative products for best-in-class oral health. These natural, fluoride free, non-toxic, non-alcoholic alternatives will give your mouth just what it needs – strong, white teeth (without cavities), healthy gums, fresh breath, and much more, without using any harmful chemicals.

We are here to build awareness & break the myths!

We believe that a lot of dental problems can be solved if people are more aware about them. We have been made to believe in a lot of myths on brushing – e.g. a toothpaste is effective only if it foams! Through our initiatives, we promise to build awareness about the right techniques to take care of your teeth.

And hey, we care for environment too!

We are concerned about the plastic waste our products generate. But no excuse when it comes to sustainability! We have pledged to go 100% plastic neutral! We are committed to recycle the same amount of plastic that we generate. We are also running carbon neutral initiatives where you can opt-in for carbon neutral products!

This is just the beginning in our efforts to be the pioneers of #sustainableoralcare in India.