Everything is science!

N-Ha - Magic Mineral

Nano-Hydroxyapatite is one of the core ingredients that we have used. It is a non-toxic version of Hydroxyapatite - a natural mineral found in our body. About 97% of our teeth enamel is N-Ha and it works better than fluoride for remineralisation and enamel strengthening. It’s first use dates to the 1970s, when bone mass & enamel losses for NASA astronauts were treated using N-Ha.

Few years later, a Japanese Company 'Sangi Co Ltd.' formulated the first N-Ha toothpaste for teeth remineralization & enamal repair.

No Artificial Foam - No SLS

We have been made to believe that more foaming means better toothpaste! 

But foaming has no correlation with the effectiveness of a toothpaste. Low foaming toothpastes are perfectly fine! In fact, better! Artificial foaming agents like SLS have multiple harmful side effects.

We use natural foaming agents like coconut oil which gives the benefits of mild foaming, without any harmful side effects of SLS.

No Fluoride | No Alcohol | No Parabens

Excessive fluoride in toothpaste can lead to fluorosis – discolouration of teeth. Alcohol in mouthwash causes a burning sensation. SLS, an artificial foaming agent can cause ulcers, drying of mouth and bad breath. Parabens, used as preservatives can be toxic and can have harmful effects 

Truly Natural

We use plant-based extracts, backed by extensive research for all our products. Every single ingredient used is selected after a deep understanding of thier benefits for oral health. The new, refreshing flavours used in our products are all natural and derived from essential oils. We are sure to make you look forward to a natural, happy smile!

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